Sample menu

the beginning

yellowtail, bottarga, dried berries, kombu £18
(Additional 5g Royal Beluski Caviar £20)

We serve our Yellowtail raw to allow for its natural sweetness to come through.
Skilfully sliced the fish is then dusted it with bottarga, dried berries, and kombu, a wonderful umami-flavoured kelp.

Crab Pastel & Açaí Dip £18

Traditional Brazilian deep fried dough filled with crab meat and served with an açaí dip.
Açaí is a black-purple berry from the Amazon Rainforest which we bring to you

Scallops, Leeks, Buckwheat, Tucupi £28

Our signature scallops are roasted over our open fire pit the served with a sauce of slow cook leeks, toasted buckwheat and tucupi.
Tucupi is a yellow juice extracted from wild manioc which we ferment for 7 days.

Roasted Bone Marrow, Tapioca, Cashew Nuts £26

The bone is heated on our open fire pit until the marrow is soft and creamy in texture.
Paired with crispy tapioca and cashew nut cream. An amazing and traditional Brazilian delicacy.

Fore Rib Tartare, Shiitake Confit, Summer Truffle £26

7-day dry aged fore rib cut into small cubes, shiitake confit, mustard mayonnaise, dry yeast and summer truffle. Truly outstanding.

Foie Gras and Date Chutney Terrine, Brioche and Toasted Sesame Seeds £26

Simply perfection.

the middle

Steamed Turbot, Courgette, Yellow Bean Vinaigrette, Brazil Nut Milk £35

Steamed turbot, courgettes cooked over our open fire pit, yellow bean vinaigrette, Brazil nut cream.

Crackling Pork Belly, Feijoada Broth, Marinated Swiss Chard, Black Garlic £38

Slow cooked pork belly with an exquisite crispy crackling. Served with feijoada broth, marinated thin sliced Swiss chard, pickled “biquinho” pepper and black garlic.
Feijoada is a black bean stew slow cooked with pork stock.
Biquinho pepper is an aromatic pepper from Brazil.

Black Pork “Secreto”, Apple Purée, Savoy Cabbage, Black Pudding £38

An incredible mix of Brazil and Great Britain.

Rump of Lamb, Aubergine, Creamy Borlotti Beans, Parsley Oil £42

Rump of Lamb cooked over an open fire pit, glazed aubergine, borlotti beans cooked in a creamy sauce, parsley oil to finish.
We glaze the aubergine with raw honey and white wine vinegar.
Borlotti beans are cooked in a creamy lamb jus.

Langoustines, Pink Fir Potatoes, Vegetable Cream, Biquinho Pepper Powder £39

Biquinho pepper is an aromatic pepper from Brazil a delight of pure juiciness!

Entrecote, Girolles, Roasted Shallots, Marinated Tomatoes, Beef Jus £45

7-day dry aged ribeye, slow roasted shallots, marinated Marinda Sicilian seasonal tomato, beef jus.

Seafood Moqueca £49
(Rice, Banana Farofa and Beans Vinaigrette)

Delicately simmered mix of fish in an aromatic coconut milk and ‘Dende’ oil served alongside a selection of rice, dried banana, farofa and black-eyed beans vinaigrette. Perfect.


Pink Fir Potatoes £9 | Manioc Purée £9 | Spiced Carrots £9

the end

Egg and Coconut Custard £13

Brazilian dessert with a Portuguese heritage made with eggs, coconut and sugar custard.

Tonka Bean Flan, Cupuaçu Jam, Cacao Nibs £13

An explosion of flavour.

Seasonal Sorbets & Ice Creams £18

Always changing seasonally. A fantastic mix with Brazilian fruit.

Açai Sorbet, Sugar Cane Crumble, Spiced Chocolate, Dried Açai £15

Brazilian berry from the Amazon Rainforest, cacao and sugar cane crumble, spiced and nutty chocolate, dehydrated açaí.

Chocolate Tart, Cashew Nut Praline £20

Vegan chocolate tart with caramelised cashew nut over the top.

please note that this is a sample menu only. it is part of our core values and philosophy as a team to only work with the best seasonal ingredients. therefore some dishes might not be available on your visit.